6 Hidden Reasons Why You Can’t Get Pregnant

The main factors that reduce the chances of having a baby are well known: childbirth and breastfeeding, using birth control pills, smoking. However, very often even the absence of these reasons doesn’t guarantee that you will get pregnant.

1. You are overexercising.



2. You can’t calculate your fertile window correctly.


3. You consume too many trans fats.

Eating trans fats — found in prepared merchandise, pizzas, snacks like chips, singed nourishments — can adversely affect fruitfulness, implying that ovulation doesn’t happen. Attempt to confine utilization of these nourishments as devouring them rather than solid sugars can cause up to a 73% expanded danger of an ovulatory issue. When you are longing for these trans fat carbs, it’s smarter to eat tidbits like bananas, entire grain rye crispbread, almonds, or yogurt with berries.

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