14 Answers to the Question “Why Does Nobody Leave Canada?”

What do we think about Canada other than maple syrup, hockey, and police on horseback? All things considered, in excess of 100,000 individuals move to Canada consistently and they remain there. We should attempt to make sense of what’s so extraordinary about this nation.

We at “FactAboutThe.com” did some burrowing and we might want to share what we’ve thought of. Who knows? Perhaps we’ll even rouse a portion of our perusers to move to Canada!

1. Canada is so beautiful that even a photo made by a road camera looks like a picture from National Geographic.


2. Canadian money doesn’t get destroyed by water and it can reveal unexpected secrets.

3. Canadians are very hospitable people. In fact, they are so hospitable that they even built a special landing pad in case aliens come to visit.

4. Canadians love pranks, and we have to admit that they really do have a great sense of humor.

5. I thought I got a ticket but then I realized that I was in Canada.

6. In Canada, they help each other in difficult situations.

7.  Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister.

8. There is a charity organization which supports women who are seriously ill by helping them with cleaning.

9.  There is a lot of oil in Canada.

10. They are very honest.

11. They saved a forest twice as big as Belgium in Canada.

12. Very, very kind policemen. 2

                                Very, very kind policemen.

13. When Canadians have nothing to do, they go outside with posters to cheer other people up.

14. You can see bear-shaped license plates in Canada.

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